Architecture, literature, music, the arts
Regions, empires, nations, politics
Social history, economics, travel
Science, technology, medicine
War, weapons


There are about 200 Tours through time in HistoryWorld, each displaying a succession of events on a given theme. To avoid too long a list, select a period and one or more themes in which you are interested.

When you click on Show Results, a list of the relevant Tours will appear. Click on the icon to start any Tour at your selected Period. Once on the Tour, you will be able to move forwards or backwards in time by either one or five events using the arrows above the text.

Each Tour frequently interconnects with others. You will find these other Tours listed on the right of the screen. A click enables you at any time to branch off into an interconnecting Tour.

You can also select to view each event in Summary form (about 15 words) or in Headline form (about 4 or 5 words, as in a newspaper). You can see what else was going on at the same date by selecting WhatWhenWhere below the text. And you can read about the event in context by clicking on Go To History.