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list of commodities

Francesco Pegolotti lists, in 1340, some of the commodities which he believes will bring the merchant a good profit if traded along the Silk Road to and from China:

'Furs of Slavonian squirrels and of martens and fitches, goat skins and ram skins, dates, filberts, walnuts, salted sturgeon tails, round pepper, ginger, barked brazil-wood, lac, zedoary, incense, quicksilver, sal ammoniac, copper, amber big middling and small, striped coral, raw silk, saffron, clove-stalks and nutmegs, spikenard, cardomoms, scammony, pounding pearls, manna, borax, gum Arabic, dragon's blood, sweetmeats, gold wire, dressed silk'... and much else besides.

Quoted Bamber Gascoigne The Treasures and Dynasties of China, Cape 1973, page 160


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