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in his library

Montaigne, in his essay 'On three kinds of relationships', describes his library and the pleasure he takes in it:

'When at home, I turn often to my library. It is in the third storey of a tower, from which I can easily overlook my whole household. Here I am above the gateway, and can see below me my garden, my farmyard, my courtyard, and most parts of my house. My library is circular in shape, with no flat wall except that taken up by my table and chair; and, being rounded, it presents me with all my books at once, arranged about me on five tiers of shelves. Here I turn the pages of one book, now of another, without order and without plan, reading by snatches. Sometimes I reflect, and sometimes I compose and dictate my reflections, walking up and down, as at present.'

Michel de Montaigne Essays, translated J.M. Cohen, Penguin 1958, pages 262-3


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