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divine innocence

A Japanese text completed in AD 712 describes how the two gods of creation, the brother and sister Izanagi and Izanami, discover the proper procedures of physical union. They have created an island for themselves, and on it they have built a great pillar:

'Then Izanagi addressed Izanami, saying: 'How is thy body formed?' Izanami replied, 'My body is completely formed except one part which is incomplete.' Then Izanagi said, 'My body is completely formed and there is one part which is superfluous. Suppose that we supplement that which is incomplete in thee with that which is superfluous in me, and thereby procreate lands.' Izanami replied, 'It is well.' Then Izanagi said, 'Let me and thee go round the heavenly august pillar, and having met at the other side, let us become united in wedlock.' When they had gone round, Izanami spoke and exclaimed, 'How delightful! I have met a lovely youth.' Izanagi then said, 'How delightful! I have met a lovely maiden.'

Afterwards he said, 'It was unlucky for the woman to speak first.' The child which was the first offspring of their union was the Leech Child, which at the age of three was still unable to stand upright, and so was placed in a reed-boat and sent adrift.'

Quoted Mircea Eliade From Primitives to Zen, page 94


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