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barbed comments

Erasmus, in his play Julius Exclusus, imagines a conversation between St Peter and pope Julius II at the gates of heaven:

St Peter: Why are you in armour?

Julius: Do you expect me to wage war naked?

St Peter: You are bristling with weapons. You smell of brothels, booze and gunpowder.

Julius: Thanks to me the Christian church, once starving and poor, is now flourishing. Royal palaces, beautiful houses, plenty of servants, well trained troops.

St Peter: In poverty, sweat, fasting, thirst and hunger Christ passed His life; and in the end He died by the most humiliating of deaths.

Julius: Well, perhaps He will find someone to praise Him for that - but no one to imitate Him. Not these days, at any rate.

From Erasmus Julius Exclusus, translated Paul Pascal, 1968


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