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not expected to suffer

A few extracts from the Rule of St Benedict suggest how reasonable and moderate a regime it is for the monastic life:

'A monastery should, if possible, be so arranged that everything necessary - that is, water, a mill, a garden, a bakery - may be available.'

'For bedding, a mattress, a woollen blanket, a woollen under-blanket and a pillow shall suffice.'

'We read that wine is not suitable for monks. But because, in our day, it is not possible to persuade the monks of this, let us agree at least that we should not drink to excess. We believe that one pint of wine a day is enough.'

'For the daily meal let there be two cooked dishes, so that he who happens not to be able to eat of one may make his meal of the other. Avoid excess - above all things, that no monk be overtaken by indigestion.'

'When the brothers rise for the service of God, let them gently encourage one another, because the sleepy ones are apt to make excuses.'

Quoted Bamber Gascoigne The Christians, Cape 1977, page 65

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