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One of the conquistadors later describes, for the interest of his descendants, the first sight of Atahualpa's camp:

'The Indians' camp looked like a very beautiful city. So many tents were visible that we were truly filled with great apprehension. We never thought that Indians could maintain such a proud estate nor have so many tents in such good order. Nothing like this had been seen in the Indies up to then. It filled all us Spaniards with fear and confusion. But it was not appropriate to show any fear, far less to turn back. For had they sensed any weakness in us, the very Indians we were bringing with us would have killed us. So, with a show of good spirits, and after having thoroughly oberved the town and tents, we descended into the valley and entered the town of Cajamarca.'

Quoted John Hemming The Conquest of the Incas 1970, pages 32, 549

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