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Caesar and his book: 52 - 51 BC

To remind him of the details of his successes in Gaul, Caesar keeps copies of the despatches which he sends to the senate in Rome at the end of each summer's campaign. His book, following these, takes the form of seven sections, one for each year from 58 to 52 BC.

If he has a secretary helping him in the task, it may well be his friend Aulus Hirtius. He has been with Caesar for most of these Gallic wars, and shortly after Caesar's death he will write an eighth section of the book (filling in the final campaign of 51 BC).

When the work is finished a copy goes off to Rome, where it is probably published during 51 BC. Caesar has been assiduously cultivating support back in the capital, for political struggles to come.

The book of his achievements is an important shot in this other campaign.

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