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A Scottish clergyman, Alexander Forsyth, invents the percussion cap to help in his pursuit of wildfowl       
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The self-contained metal cartridge, with a percussion cap in its base, is patented by a Paris gunsmith named Houiller      
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The Prussian army is the first to adopt a breech-loading rifle, the 'needle-gun' developed by gunsmith Johann Nikolaus von Dreyse       
US-born British inventor Hiram Maxim demonstrates the first prototype of his machine gun, using the recoil force to eject the spent cartridge and insert a new one       
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Frederick Lugard's Maxim machine gun settles a Protestant-Catholic clash in Kampala, the capital of Buganda       
The first German submarine, or U-boat, is constructed in a programme to catch up with Britain and France in this area      
Britain launches HMS Dreadnought, the first of a massive new class of battleship      
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In direct response to Britain's new Dreadnought, Germany increases the production of battleships      
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President Roosevelt sends a fleet of warships on a goodwill tour of the world that also demonstrates US power      
US inventor Isaac Newton Lewis patents a lighter version of the machine gun