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Australia's Salvation Army produces an ambitious presentation of film and slides in Soldiers of the Cross       
Charles Pathé develops film facilities capable of mass production, in Vincennes near Paris      
French film pioneer Georges Méliès uses trick effects for his film Journey to the Moon       
Edwin S. Porter directs The Great Train Robbery, providing a big commercial success for Thomas Edison's film company        
Charles Pathé opens the first purpose-built luxury cinema, the Omnia-Pathé, in Paris      
Humorous Phases of Funny Faces, created by New Yorker J. Stuart Blackton, introduces the concept of the animated cartoon        
The Story of the Kelly Gang, produced in Australia, is the first feature-length film, with a running time of nearly an hour       
The Polyscope Film Company releases the first horror movie, Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, filmed from a popular stage production       
Mary Pickford begins her film career at sixteen, when she is hired by D.W. Griffith       
The Selig Polyscope Company sets up the first film studio in the Los Angeles region, at Edendale