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  Conquest and Colonization
c. 1750 BC
Shamshi-Adad I conquers Ashur and the surrounding areas, beginning Assyria's first brief period as a regional power        
c. 1740 BC
Shamshi-Adad I conquers the rich and ancient kingdom of Mari, and puts on the throne his son Yasmah-Adad        
c. 1728 BC
Hammurabi begins a programme of conquest and coalition which will vastly extend the Babylonian empire       
c. 1700 BC
Hammurabi, in the process of winning control over the whole of Mesopotamia, conquers the northern territories of Mari and Ashur        
c. 1700 BC
Ashur, or Assyria, sinks into almost a millennium of fluctuating but largely diminished fortunes      
c. 1520 BC
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Thutmose I extends Egyptian control as far up the Nile as Abu Hamad      
c. 1345 BC
The Amarna tablets contain extensive correspondence between the Akhenaten government in Egypt and subject princes in Phoenicia        
c. 1300 BC
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Mycenae prevails as the dominant power throughout the Peloponnese and the entire Aegean      
Mycenae, Lion Gate
Fotofile CG
c. 900 BC
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With the encouragements of Athens, non-Dorian Greeeks migrate to form colonies on the west coast of Anatolia      
883-859 BC
Assyria, during the reign of Ashurnasirpal II, once again recovers an extensive empire