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c. 3100 BC
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Writing is developed, at Sumer, as cuneiform script on clay tablets       
c. 3000 BC
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An easily portable writing surface is developed, from the papyrus plant of the Nile      
Papyrus interpreting dreams, c.1275 BC
British Museum

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c. 1050
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The rulers of Baghdad harness homing pigeons as postmen.      
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The English admiral Robert Blake introduces a system of signalling at sea by means of flags      
US inventor Samuel Morse gives the first public demonstration, in Philadelphia, of his electric telegraph       
Rowland Hill introduces in Britain the world's first postage stamps - the Penny Black and Two Pence Blue        
Samuel Morse and his assistant Alfred Vail complete the first telegraph line, between New York and Baltimore        
US entrepreneur Cyrus W. Field succeeds in laying a telegraph cable across the Atlantic, but it fails after only a month       
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Adelaide and Darwin are linked across the entire Australian continent by the Overland Telegraph Line      
Italian US immigrant Antonio Meucci files a patent in New York for the invention of the telephone