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Hungary is divided, by agreement between the Turkish sultan Suleiman I and the Habsburg ruler Ferdinand I       
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Sinan completes his masterpiece, the mosque of Suleiman I in Istanbul       
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Spanish and Venetian galleys defeat the Turks in the battle of Lepanto     
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The Ottoman empire finally asserts control over the north African coast, in the footsteps of Muslim pirates      
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The Blue Mosque, commissioned by Ahmed I, begins to rise in Istanbul like a twin to the nearby Santa Sophia       
A border incident at Balta, in the southern Ukraine, sparks a war between Russia and Turkey that will last six years      
In the treaty of Kuchuk Kainarji, ending the recent Russo-Turkish war, the Ottoman empire cedes the Crimea to Russia      
The treaty of Kuchuk Kainarji grants Russia special rights in relation to the Christian Holy Places under Ottoman control      
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Karageorge captures Belgrade and wins a limited independence for Serbia within the Ottoman empire       
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The Eastern Question, concerning Turkey's ability to control its vast empire, becomes a persistent nineteenth-century theme