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c. 50
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The Roman surgeon Cornelius Celsus describes in De Medicina how to cut stones from a patient's bladder       
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A new doctor, Galen, is appointed to look after the gladiators at Pergamum      
c. 950
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Medieval Europe's first institute of higher education is established, with the founding of the medical school at Salerno      
c. 1000
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The first illustrated manual of surgery is written by Abul Kasim, an Arab physician in Cordoba       
c. 1020
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The Persian scholar Avicenna, author of encyclopedic works on philosophy and medicine, spends the last part of his life in Isfahan       
Conjoined twins Mary and Eliza Chulkhurst are born in Biddenden, in Kent      
Conjoined female twins
Wellcome Library, London
c. 1489
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Leonardo da Vinci begins an unprecedented series of detailed anatomical drawings, based on corpses dissected in Rome      
c. 1500
European diseases bring death on a massive scale to an American population that has no immunity     
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Eucharius Rösslin publishes the first textbook for midwives, later translated into English as The byrthe of mankynde      
Woman on a birthing stool

Wellcome Library, London
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Flemish anatomist Andreas Vesalius publishes a seven-volume work which for the first time lays bare human anatomy