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1945 August 12
The Japanese in Korea surrender to the Russians in the north and to the Americans in the south      
Kim Il Sung becomes prime minister of North Korea on the withdrawal of the Soviet occupying force       
North Korean troops cross the 38th parallel to invade the southern half of the region      
North Korean forces press far enough south to capture the South Korean capital of Seoul      
UN troops are sent to defend South Korea, as the invasion from the north rolls on      
UN troops push north across the 38th parallel in a major Korean counter-offensive      
Incursions by UN troops far into North Korea give China the pretext to enter the war      
UN and Chinese forces reach a stalemate in Korea, facing each other from fixed positions on either side of the 38th Parallel      
An armistice ends the Korean War, leaving several million dead and a country divided either side of a military zone along the 38th parallel      
Korean evangelist Sun Myung Moon launches the Unification Church, a mission to unify world Christianity