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Narrative history in HistoryWorld     
Austrian physician Joseph Leopold Auenbrugger describes his new diagnostic technique – percussion, or listening to a patient's chest and tapping       
Narrative history in HistoryWorld     
Captain Cook publishes his discovery of a preventive cure against scurvy, in the form of a regular ration of lemon juice       
Narrative history in HistoryWorld     
Benjamin Franklin, irritated at needing two pairs of spectacles, commissions from a lens-grinder the first bifocals       
Narrative history in HistoryWorld     
William Withering's Account of the Foxglove describes the use of digitalis for dropsy, and its possible application to heart disease       
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In Berkeley, Gloucestershire, Edward Jenner inoculates a boy with cowpox in the pioneering case of vaccination       
German physician Samuel Hahnemann coins the term 'homeopathy' and describes this new approach to medicine       
Conflict between homeopathic and allopathic medicine
Wellcome Library, London
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René Laënnec, reluctant to press his ear to the chest of a young female patient, finds a solution in the stethoscope       
William Burke and William Hare murder 16 victims and sell their bodies to the Edinburgh Medical School for anatomical study        
Execution of William Burke
Wellcome Library, London
The USA suffers the first of several cholera epidemics, spanning the sixty years to 1892      
A dentist in Boston, William Morton, uses ether as an anaesthetic while surgeon John Collins Warren removes a tumour in a patient's neck