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75 BC
To improve his skills as an orator, Julius Caesar travels to Rhodes to study with Cicero's teacher, Apollonius Molon        
75 BC
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Julius Caesar, captured by pirates on his way to Rhodes, warns them that he will crucify them - and later keeps his word      
69 BC
Cleopatra, destined to become the last ruling pharaoh as Cleopatra VII, is born in Egypt – the daughter of Ptolemy XII       
69 BC
Julius Caesar's wife, Cornelia Cinna, dies       
67 BC
Julius Caesar marries Pompeia, a granddaughter of Sulla and a distant relative of Pompey        
64 BC
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Pompey takes Antioch and brings Syria under control as a Roman province       
63 BC
Caesar is elected Pontifex Maximus, the chief priest of the Roman state religion       
62 BC
An unproven rumour about Pompeia causes Caesar to divorce her on the grounds that 'Caesar's wife must be above suspicion'        
61 BC
Caesar's numerous creditors prevent him leaving Rome until the immensely wealthy Marcus Licinius Crassus stands bail for some of his debts       
61 BC
Caesar sets off to take up a post as governor of southern Spain, where a series of profitable raids improve his finances