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c. 250 BC
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The first alchemists, working in Alexandria, are also the world's first experimental chemists       
48 BC
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Julius Caesar, now fifty-two, meets the 21-year-old Cleopatra in Alexandria and they become lovers       
47 BC
Julius Caesar leaves Alexandria to travel with his army by the land route back to Italy, through Turkey      
41 BC
Mark Antony spends the winter with Cleopatra in Alexandria       
34 BC
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In a spectacular cerermony known as the Donations of Alexandria, Mark Antony distributes the eastern Roman territories between Cleopatra, her eldest son (Caesarion) and his own three children        
30 BC
Octavian arrives in Egypt with an army, and holds Cleopatra a prisoner in her palace in Alexandria       
30 BC
Hearing that Cleopatra is dead (false news, as it turns out), Mark Antony commits suicide in Alexandria       
30 BC
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Cleopatra commits suicide, applying a poisonous asp to her breast,       
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Vespasian, proclaimed emperor by his troops in Alexandria, is the survivor among this year's four emperors      
Coin of the emperor Vespasian, c.75 AD
Chichester District Museum

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c. 75
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Hero, a Greek scientist in Alexandria, devises various forms of steam engine