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c. 75
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Hero, a Greek scientist in Alexandria, devises various forms of steam engine      
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The French scientist Denis Papin, while professor of mathematics at Marburg, develops the first steam engine to use a piston       
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Thomas Savery creates the first practical steam engine, designed to pump water out of mines       
c. 1710
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Thomas Newcomen creates a piston steam engine, with the steam condensed in the cylinder by a jet of cold water       
Newcomen's steam engine, engraving 1836
Mary Evans Picture Library

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James Watt ponders on the inefficiency of contemporary steam engines and invents the condenser       
French inventor Nicolas-Joseph Cugnot successfully tests a steam wagon, probably the first working mechanical vehicle       
A steam tug designed by William Symington, the Charlotte Dundas, goes into service on the Forth and Clyde canal       
Cornish engineer Richard Trevithick drives a steam carriage in London, from Holborn to Paddington and back       
c. 1813
William Hedley's Puffing Billy, the first steam locomotive running on smooth rails, goes to work at Wylam colliery        
Wylam Dilly
Royal Museum of Scotland
The Times, England's oldest daily newspaper, becomes the first to print on a steam press