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  Blair Castle
An imaginary portrait is painted of Mary Queen of Scots and her son James 1583 Mary Queen of Scots with the future James VI
Blair Castle estate
 Mary Queen of Scots beheaded 1587
 Charles I beheaded 1649
 Cromwell's forces capture Blair Castle 1652
 Monarchy restored in England 1660
 Creation of dukedom of Atholl 1703
The 1st Duke of Atholl commissions a spectacular bed c. 1703 State Bed, detail of the Spitalfields silk
Blair Castle estate
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 England and Scotland unite 1707
 1st Duke of Atholl under arrest for opposing Act of Union 1708
 Bonnie Prince Charlie lodges at Blair on his way south to Edinburgh 1745 Miniature of Charles Edward Stuart
Blair Castle estate
 Forty-Five rebellion 1745
 The Jacobite rising divides the 2nd Duke from his two brothers 1745
 Lord George Murray bombards his family home with cannon balls 1746
 Disaster for Scots at Culloden 1746
Blair Castle is remodelled as a Georgian mansion c. 1750 The 18th-century Blair Castle, painted in 1862
Blair Castle estate
The Picture Staircase is completed 1756 Family portraits on the Picture Staircase
Blair Castle estate
Zoffany paints the 3rd Duke of Atholl with his large family c. 1765 Zoffany 3rd Duke and Duchess (detail)
Blair Castle estate
Niel Gow serves as fiddler to a third successive duke of Atholl c. 1774 Raeburn Niel Gow c.1790 (detail)
Blair Castle estate
 American colonies vote for independence 1776
 The 4th Duke raises the Atholl Highlanders to fight in America 1778
David Allan depicts the 4th Duke of Atholl in sporting vein c. 1780 Allan 4th Duke and family (detail)
Blair Castle estate
 18-year-old girl on British throne 1837
 An elaborate medieval tournament is held at Eglinton 1839
 The Atholl Highlanders are revived for the Eglinton tournament c. 1839 Atholl Highlanders under review at Dunkeld, c. 1842
Blair Castle estate
 Victoria marries Albert 1840
 Queen Victoria allows the Duke of Atholl to maintain a small private army 1844 The Atholl Highlanders today
Blair Castle estate
 Queen Victoria borrows Blair Castle for a family holiday 1844
Landseer depicts a stalking scene near Blair Castle c. 1850 Landseer Death of a Hart in Glen Tilt (detail)
Blair Castle estate
 New royal castle at Balmoral 1856
 Blair Castle is given a new medieval appearance c. 1875 The Victorian Blair Castle, painted in 1872
Blair Castle estate