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 Roman camp at Caerleon c. 75 Caerleon
 Agricola subdues Wales 77
 The Celtic tribes are driven west into Cornwall and Wales by the Anglo-Saxons c. 550
 Offa builds dyke between England and Wales c. 780
 Rhodri rules in Wales 878
A Celtic cross commemorates a king of southwest Wales c. 1035 Carew Cross
 Harold loses at Hastings 1066
 William I orders a keep to dominate London 1066
A companion of William I begins a castle in Wales c. 1067 Chepstow Castle
 William I builds a stone keep at Windsor c. 1067
 Cistercian order founded c. 1098
 Tintern Abbey founded by Cistercians 1131 Tintern Abbey
 Llewellyn is called prince of Wales c. 1220
 Llewellyn ap Iorwerth builds castle at Dolbadarn c. 1225 Dolbadarn Castle
 English acknowledge prince of Wales 1267
 Uprising by prince of Wales 1282
 New castles to subdue the Welsh 1283 Caernarfon Castle
 English prince of Wales 1301
A Welsh bishop constructs himself a palace c. 1330 St Davids Bishop's Palace
 Robert Smythson completes Longleat 1580
A leading citizen of Conwy completes his new town house 1585 Plas Mawr, Conwy - interior
 Hardwick Hall, more glass than wall 1597
 Watt condenses steam 1764
 First Boulton and Watt engines 1776
 Iron bridge at Coalbrookdale 1779
 Cort puddles iron 1784
Steam-powered blast furnaces are constructed at Blaenavon 1788 Blaenavon Ironworks
 New royal castle at Balmoral 1856
 Burges provides Gothic interiors in Cardiff Castle 1867
 Gothic station hotel by Scott at St Pancras 1868
 Waterhouse wins competition for Manchester Town Hall 1868
 William Burges begins Castell Coch 1875 Castell Coch