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  Social history at the National Archives
 Titanic hits iceberg 1912
 Hitler is German chancellor 1933
 Hindenburg dies 1934
  1934 Nazi cigarette cards, c.1937
National Archives, Kew
 Hitler openly rearms Germany 1935
 Horrors of Buchenwald revealed 1945 List of child survivors from Auschwitz and Buchenwald in 1945
National Archives, Kew
 Belsen worse than Buchenwald 1945 Concentration camp survivors from Belsen in 1945
National Archives, Kew
 Immigrants to UK on Empire Windrush 1948 Passenger list for the SS Empire Windrush
National Archives, Kew
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 Ruth Ellis is hanged 1955 Record of Ruth Ellis's execution in 1955
National Archives, Kew