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  War and warfare at the National Archives
 Longbow in Wales c. 1200 Sketch of a Welsh archer still shown with a short bow, 13th century
National Archives, Kew
 Longbow too much for Scots 1298
 Longbow outshoots crossbow at Crécy 1346
 Agincourt on St Crispin's day 1415 Indenture committing an English gentleman to fight with Henry V in France
National Archives, Kew
 Drake singes king's beard 1587
 Spanish Armada defeated 1588 Drawing of 16th-century Spanish warship
National Archives, Kew
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Treaty ends long conflict between England and Spain c. 1605 Anglo-Spanish Treaty in 1605
National Archives, Kew
 First Continental Congress 1774 Signatures on the petition of the Continental Congress
National Archives, Kew
 Shot fired at Lexington 1775
 American colonies vote for independence 1776
 Jefferson's Declaration adopted 1776
 Hancock signs first 1776 The American Declaration of Independence in 1776
National Archives, Kew
 Cornwallis surrender ends war 1781
Relations back to normal between Britain and USA c. 1794 Treaty of Amity signed by George Washington in 1794
National Archives, Kew
 Nelson dies at Trafalgar 1805 The boat carrying Nelson's coffin
National Archives, Kew
 Napoleon defeated at Leipzig 1813
 France's enemies parade in Paris 1814
 Napoleon escapes from Elba 1815
 Napoleon back in Paris 1815
 Battle of Waterloo 1815 Waterloo Campaign medal
National Archives, Kew
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 Napoleon hopes to live in Britain 1815
 Napoleon sent to St Helena 1815
 Britain and France join Crimean War 1854
 Charge of the Light Brigade 1854
 End of Crimean War 1856
 Victoria Cross c. 1857 Crimean War heroes, 1857
National Archives, Kew
  1914 Recruitment poster, 1914
National Archives, Kew
 World War I begins 1914
 Armies dig in for long spell 1914
 Battle of the Somme 1916 British battalion diary for first day of Somme offensive
National Archives, Kew
 Wilfred Owen invalided home 1917 Record of the injuries of Wilfred Owen in 1917
National Archives, Kew
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 World War I ends 1918
 Hitler openly rearms Germany 1935
 World War II begins 1939