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  Government and politics at the National Archives
 First Continental Congress 1774
 Shot fired at Lexington 1775
 Washington is American commander 1775
American colonists make a final bid for peace 1775 The Olive Branch Petition of 1775
National Archives, Kew
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 American colonies vote for independence 1776
 Jefferson's Declaration adopted 1776
 Hancock signs first 1776 The American Declaration of Independence in 1776
National Archives, Kew
 Easter Rising in Dublin 1916
Michael Collins is shown his British police file c. 1919 Police file on Michael Collins
National Archives, Kew
 Collins defeats de Valera 1922
 Collins killed in ambush 1922
 Edward VIII is British king 1936
 Edward VIII plans to wed 1936
 Edward gives up crown for love 1936 Edward VIII's letter of abdication in 1936
National Archives, Kew
 George VI inherits brother's throne 1936
 Britain signs Treaty of Rome to join EC c. 1972 Treaty of Rome, 1972
National Archives, Kew
 Britain finally joins EC 1973
 Thatcher first woman in Downing Street 1979 Margaret Thatcher's election returns and writs in 1979
National Archives, Kew