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  The Royal Armouries
 French king prisoner at Pavia 1525 Near-contemporary painting of the battle
Royal Armouries
 Babur wins at Panipat 1526 Elephant armour of a type probably worn at Panipat
Royal Armouries
 A grand suit of armour is decorated in a new style, possibly for Henry II of France c. 1550 The Lion armour
Royal Armouries
 King of France killed jousting at a wedding 1559
 Sir John Smythe commissions a suit of armour because of the threat from Spain c. 1585 Battlefield armour of the 1580s
Royal Armouries
 Spanish Armada defeated 1588
 Tokugawa Ieyasu wins Japan's civil war 1600
 Tokugawa Ieyasu is shogun 1603
 The shogun presents an agent of the East India Company with a gift for his king 1613 Suit of Japanese armour
Royal Armouries
 Clive interferes in Bengal 1757
 A quilted armour, in an ancient Indian style, is made probably for Tipu Sultan c. 1790 Quilted armour from Seringapatam
Royal Armouries
 Tipu Sultan killed 1799
 Nelson dies at Trafalgar 1805
 The City of London commissions a sword to honour Collingwood for his role at Trafalgar 1805 Presentation sword for Lord Collingwood
Royal Armouries
 Nelson in Trafalgar Square 1843