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  French Revolution and Napoleonic Era
 French finance minister dismissed 1787
 Estates general summoned to Versailles 1788
 What is the Third Estate? 1789
 Jacobin club founded 1789
 Oath in tennis court 1789
 Fall of Bastille 1789
 Crowd brings king from Versailles to Paris 1789
 French king captured in flight 1791
 France declares war 1792
 First use of guillotine 1792
 French officer writes Marseillaise 1792
 Victory at Valmy saves Paris 1792
 French in Austrian Netherlands 1792
 Massacre in Paris 1792
 French republic 1792
 French king to the guillotine 1793
 Britain and France at war 1793
 Rebellion in Vendée 1793
 Marat assassinated 1793
 Young bachelors drafted into French army 1793
 Terror in France 1793
 Months get new French names 1793
 Danton to the guillotine 1794
 Robespierre to the guillotine 1794
 Netherlands sides with France 1795
 Napoleon saves Paris Convention 1795
 Napoleon commands in Italy 1796
 Pope taken captive to France 1797
 Austria cedes territories to France 1797
 Venice no longer free 1797
 Napoleon heads for Egypt 1798
 Napoleon sees his chance 1799
 Napoleon is first consul 1799
 Commission prepares Code Napoléon 1800
 Napoleon wins at Marengo 1800
 Napoleon agrees with the pope 1801
 Peace agreed at Amiens 1802
 Britain and France at war again 1803
 Napoleon plans Channel crossing 1803
 Beethoven disgusted with Napoleon 1804
 Napoleon crowns himself emperor 1804
 Napoleon is king of Italy 1805
 Napoleon wins at Austerlitz 1805
 Holy Roman Empire abolished 1806
 Napoleon puts brother on Dutch throne 1806
 Napoleon offers protection to Germans 1806
 Napoleon's Continental System 1806
 Two emperors on a raft 1807
 Napoleon invades Portugal 1807