The Pagoda in Kew Gardens   Brooke Woolley

Places in History is an ongoing project. It uses placemarks in Google Maps to identify the exact position of a building, street or other feature, with a satellite view of the location. The maps link to pages in HistoryWorld for historical details, images and timelines.


Places in History


Barn Church       Map

Kew Bridge       Map

Kew Gardens       Map

Kew Gardens - Marianne North Gallery       Map

Kew Gardens - Orangery       Map

Kew Gardens - Pagoda       Map

Kew Gardens - Palm House       Map

Kew Gardens - Princess of Wales Conservatory       Map

Kew Gardens - Temperate House       Map

Kew Gardens Station       Map

Kew Green       Map

Kew Pond       Map

National Archives       Map

Queen's School       Map

St Anne's church       Map

West Hall       Map

Kew timeline

Kew Map

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