Kingston Old Bridge, by Thomas Rowlandson (detail)
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Hampton - Kingston Bridge

1193 - A documentary reference to Kingston Bridge is first recorded in 1193; it has stone revetments but a flimsy wooden structure in constant need of repair

1825-28 - An act of 1825 authorises the building of a new Kingston Bridge, fifty yards upstream, which is designed by Edward Lapidge 1828 - The new Kingston Bridge is opened by the Duchess of Clarence on 17 July 1828 and the new approach road is named Clarence Street in her honour

1906 - A new tram service is launched by London United Tramways on 1 Mar 1906 that crosses Kingston Bridge   (Local Knowledge)

1912-14 - Kingston Bridge is widened and the carriageway increased from 25 to 55 feet with a new facade of Portland Stone to replicate features of the original

1999 - Kingston Bridge is again widened to include two bicycle lanes, a bus lane and wider pavements


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