Hampton House, The Residence Of The Late Mrs Garrick (detail) 1824.
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Hampton - Garrick's Villa

1754 - David Garrick, famous Shakesperian actor, leases and then buys what was known as Hampton House, now Garrick's Villa, as country retreat and place to entertain friends

1823 - After death of Eva Garrick, David Garrick's widow, in 1822 the contents of Garrick's Villa are auctioned and Roubiliac statue from the Temple goes to the British Museum

1865 - West wing added to Garrick's Villa by Sylvanus Phillips

1902 - The road outside Garrick's Villa is widened for the coming of the trams and the house is bought by London United Tramways and General Manager Clifton Robinson occupies villa

1922 - Garrick's Villa divided into seven flats by Flora Hutchinson

1969 - Garrick's Villa, now listed Grade 1, reconverted into nine flats

2008 - Huge fire at Garrick's Villa does enormous damage to building and several flats gutted


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