In the Fountain court of Hampton Court Palace   (Huwwill)
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Hampton Court Palace

1514 - Thomas Wolsey lease Hampton Court from Henry Daubeney

1514-22 - Wolsey's first phase of work at Hampton Court adds a whole new courtyard of accomodation, Base Court, and an imposing Great Gatehouse

1522-28 - The second phase of Wolsey's work at Hampton Court includes the creation of three suites fit for Royal occupation, a suite of rooms for himself and a magnificant Chapel

1528 - Henry VIII orders Wolsey to vacate Hampton Court after Wolsey had opposed the King's divorce from his first wife, Catherine of Aragon

1529 - Henry's first phase of building at Hampton Court includes the construction of all the rooms required for operations of the kitchens, a Council Chamber and private rooms for himself

1532 - Henry rebuilds the Great Hall at Hampton Court, the first in a sequence of rooms leading towards his private lodgings

1535 - Henry modernises the Chapel at Hampton Court and adds the magnificent ceiling

1689-94 - William III and Mary II embark on extensive work at Hampton Court including demolition of the old Royal lodgings and building of new South and East Fronts around a new quadrangle, Fountain Court

1694 - Mary II dies of smallpox and building work at Hampton Court is suspended for 3 years due to William's grief and also for financial reasons due to the enormous expenditure

1699 - Grinling Gibbons begins work on carving decorative features and architectural mouldings in the King's Appartments at Hampton Court

1700 - The Banqueting House at Hampton Court is built with carving by Grinling Gibbons and a painted interior which is painted, at least in part, by Antonio Verrio

1760 - Hampton Court is effectively abandoned by George III as a Royal dwelling and gradually becomes occupied by "Grace and Favour" residents

1838 - Queen Victoria opens Hampton Court Palace to the public

1986 - A terrible fire destroys much of the King's State Appartments, third floor and roof of the South Front of Hampton Court

1992 - After years of restoration and re-interpretation the King's State Appartments at Hampton Court reopen in July 1992


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