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Hampton Court Gardens

1529 - Plans are laid for the King's new gardens at Hampton Court including the Privy Garden, Pond Yard and Mount Garden

1532-22 - Privy Garden at Hampton Court is completed and is divided up into squares by 180 posts topped with heraldic beasts and is said to resemble a chess board in red, white and green

1536 - A Water Gallery, over 170ft long, is constructed and incorporates a landing stage for the King's Barge at Hampton Court with a Pleasure Gallery abovel

1638-39 - The Longord River is constructed to take water from the River Colne over Hounslow Heath to the Hampton Court Parks to supply water to the gardens.

1662 - The Long Water at Hampton Court (3800 ft long), supplied by the Longford River, is constructed flanked by avenues of Dutch limes aligned on the Quen's Drawing Room and a semi-circular canal at the East Front

1689 - The Great Fountain Garden at Hampton Court, occupying the semi-circle of land between the East Front and the park, is designed with 13 fountains powered by the Longford River

1695 - The new Privy Garden at Hampton Court is built (the Mount had previously been levelled) including a new elm bower and a new Great Parterre of complex design and an Orangery

1995 - The restored Privy Garden at Hampton Court is opened following extensive archaelogical excavations and meticulous investigation beneath the hugely overgrown predecessor garden, matching in with the newly restored South Front after the fire (Local knowledge)


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