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 yeoman (in England)
 Yeomen of the Guard (bodyguard)
 Yeomen of the Guard (Savoy opera)
 Yerevan - Armenian capital
 yeshiva - at Jamnia
 Yes, Minister (comedy series)
 Yevele, Henry
 YHWH - the Jewish God
 Yiddish - origins
 Yi dynasty - in Korea
 yin and yang - in Chinese culture
 Yi Song-gye - founder of Yi dynasty
 YMCA (Young Men's Christian Association)
 Ymir - in Germanic mythology
 yoke - as harness
 Yoritomo - victory for Minamoto clan
  - the first shogun
 York - taken by Danes in 866
  - founding of St Leonard's Hospital
  - brief account of city
  - Gimcrack Stakes
 York (House of)
 York, archbishop of
 York, duke of - the future James II
 York, duke of (1763--1827)
 York, Richard duke of - Wars of Roses
 Yorkist line - on the English throne
  - descent from Edward III
 York mystery plays
  - brief account
 York Place - and Whitehall
 York Retreat - asylum for Quakers
 Yorkshire Museum
 Yorkshire Post
 Yorkshire pudding
 Yorkshire Ripper
 Yorkshire Sculpture Park
 Yorkshire terrier
 Yorktown - in 1781
  - taken by Union forces in 1862
 Yoruba people - in Nigeria
  - and Ife
  - and Moshood Abiola
 Yorvik - Danish capital in England
 Yoshimitsu - and No theatre
 Yoshitsune - brother of Yoritomo
 Youlou, Fulbert - president of Congo
 Young Kikuyu Association - formed in 1921
 Young, Arthur (1741--1820)
 Young, Brigham
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