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 Winter, James - and Blair Castle
 Winter Carpet - at Ctesiphon
 Winter King and Queen - of Bohemia
 Winter Queen (Elizabeth)
 winter of discontent - in the UK in 1978-9
  - brief account
 Winter Palace - in 1905
  - October Revolution
 Winter Quarters - and the Mormons
 Winter's Tale - by Shakespeare
  - brief account
 Winthrop, John - and Massachussetts
 Wisconsin - statehood in 1848
 Wiseman, Cardinal
 Wiseman, Richard - experience as military surgeon
  - works with instrument maker
 'wisest fool in Christendom'
 Wishart, George - Scottish reformer
  - and Knox
 Wisley (garden)
 witchcraft - in Pennsylvania
 witches of Salem - trials in 1691-2
 Witches' Well - in Edinburgh Castle
 Withering, William - discovers digitalis
 Witherings, Thomas - and royal mail
 Witt, Johan de - pensionary of Holland
 Witte, Sergei - and the October Manifesto
 Wittelsbachs - in Palatinate and Bavaria
  - and Bavaria in 1777
 Wittembergisch Nachtigall - Hans Sachs
 Wittenberg - and Martin Luther
  - and Cranach
  - and Christian III
 Wittgenstein, Ludwig
 Witwatersrand - gold fields discovered
 Wladyslaw I - king of Poland
 Wladyslaw II - king of Poland
  - at battle of Grunwald
 Wladyslaw III - and battle at Varna
 Woburn Abbey
 Wodehouse, P.G.
  - and Dulwich College
 Woermann Company - and Cameroon
 Wolfe, James - and Louisbourg
  - and Quebec
  - brief biography
 Wolfe-Barry, John - Tower Bridge
 Wolfenden Report (1957)
 Wolfram von Eschenbach - courtly poet
 Wolfson, Isaac - and GUS
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