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 welfare policies - introduced by Bismarck
 welfare state (in Britain)
 Wellcome (company and Trust)
 Wellington (bomber)
 Wellington, duke of - in the Peninsular War
  - and the build-up to Waterloo
  - progress through the peerage
  - and the nude Napoleon
  - as prime minister
  - and Catholic emancipation
  - failure to form government in 1832
  - and the new MPs' hats
  - and Apsley House
  - and Eton
  - brief biography
 Wellington College
 Well of Loneliness
 Well of Moses - and Claus Sluter
 Wells - the cathedral clock
  - brief account of city
 Wells, Bombardier Billy
 Wells, H.G. - The War that will end War (1914)
  - brief biography
 Well-tempered Clavier - by J.S. Bach
 Welsh - as a living Celtic language
  - brief account
 Welsh (the people)
 Welsh, Jane - and Carlyle
 Welsh dragon
 Welsh Folk Museum
 Welsh Industrial and Maritime Museum
 Welsh inscriptions - on slipware
 Welsh male choirs - and Methodism
 Welsh National Opera
 Welsh National War Memorial - in Cardiff
 Welshpool - battle in 1400
 Welsh rabbit (the dish)
 Weltpolitik - of imperial Germany
 Welwyn - garden city
 Wembley (stadium)
 Wembley Arena - and Empire Pool
 Wen-Amen - Egyptian narrative
 Wenceslas - saint and king of Bohemia
 Wenceslas II - king of Bohemia
 Wenceslas III - king of Bohemia
 Wenceslas IV - king of Bohemia
  - and the Hussites
 'We never closed' - Windmill Theatre
 Wenford Bridge - and Michael Cardew
 Wenlock Olympian Society - and Olympic Games
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