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 tonic (Indian tonic water)
 tonnage and poundage - Stuart monarchs
 tonsillectomy - in 20th century
 Tonti, Lorenzo
 tontine - and Richmond Bridge
 Tontons Macoutes - in Haiti
 tools - of Stone Age man
 tool using - animals and man
 Topa Inca - Inca ruler
 Topham, Fred - and viscose
 Topham's Box
 topiary - at Levens Hall
 Topkapi Sarayi - begun by Mehmed II
 Toplady, Augustus - Rock of Ages
 Torah - the Scrolls of the Law
 Torbay - in 1688
 Torcello - first settlers
  - the mosaics
 Torch - codename for invasion of Africa
 torcs - decorated neck or arm rings
  - examples
 Tordesillas Line - through the Atlantic
  - and Magellan
 Töregene - widow of Ogadai Khan
 Torelli, Giacomo - and stage machinery
  - and Corneille's Andromède
 Tories (and Whigs)
 Toronto - taken by Americans in 1813
 Toro - African kingdom
  - in the Uganda Protectorate
  - agreement with Johnston in 1900
 Torquay (Devon)
 Torquemada, Antonio - on draughts
 Torquemada, Tomas - Spanish Inquisition
 Torres Vedras - lines in the Peninsular War
 Torrey Canyon (oil tanker)
 Torricelli, Evangelista - and the barometer
 Torrijos, Omar - dictator of Panama
 Torschulsspanic - in Germany in 1884
 Torstensson, Lennart - against Denmark
 tortoise - Roman siege warfare
 Torun - treaty of 1466
 Tory - origin of term in Britain
 tossing the caber
 Tostig - son of Godwin
  - and Stamford Bridge
 Tote (horseracing)
 To the Lighthouse (Woolf)
 Tottenham Hotspur (football club)
 Toulon - and Napoleon in 1793
  - fleet scuttled in 1942
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