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 suffragettes - in the USA
  - in Britain
  - brief account
 Sufism - within Islam
  - and Sa'di
  - and Hafiz
 sugar cane - first cultivated
  - transplanted to America
 sugar plantations - in West Indies
 Suger - abbot of St Denis
 Sui dynasty - in China
 suicide - in the Roman Empire
  - in medieval and Renaissance Europe
  - in the early modern period
  - during the 18th century
  - in 19th century
  - and lunatic asylums
  - and alcoholism
  - as socially patterned behaviour
 suit of armour - earliest known
 Sukhavativyuha Sutra - Pure Land
 Sukune - legendary sumo wrestler
 Suleiman I, sultan of Turkey
  - campaigns west and east
  - and battle of Mohacs
 Suleiman I - mosque in Istanbul
 Sulgrave Manor
  - and Pompeii
  - seizes Aristotle's texts
 Sullivan, Arthur
 Sullivan, John L. - heavyweight champion
 Sullom Voe - North Sea oil terminal
  - brief description
 Sumatra - and Islam
 Sultan Ahmet - mosque in Istanbul
 Sultanate of Rum - and the Seljuks
 Sultan bin Saif - imam of Oman
 Sumer - development of writing
  - and the temple priests
  - and Sargon
 'Sumer is icumen in'
 Summa contra gentiles - by Aquinas
 Summa theologica - by Aquinas
 summer pudding
 Summer Time (in Britain)
 Sumner, Mary - Mothers' Union
 sumo wrestling - legendary first contest
 sun - formation
  - distance from earth calculated in 1672
 Sun, The (British newspaper)
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