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  - development in Britain
 Stearn, Charles Henry - and viscose
 Stecknitz canal - joining Lu°beck to the Elbe
 steel - nationalized in UK in 1951
 Steele, Richard - Tatler and Spectator
  - brief biography
 Steell, John - monument to Scott
 Steenkamp, Anna - and the Great Trek
 steeplechase (origin)
 Stein, Aurel - and Dunhuang
 Stein, Jock
 Stellaland - republic of 1882
 Sten gun
 Stenness - stones of
 Stephen - and the throne of England
  - brief biography
 Stephen I, king of Hungary
 Stephen II - 8th-century pope
 Stephen, St - first Christian martyr
 Stephen, St - Stephen I of Hungary
 Stephen Báthory - king of Poland
 Stephen, John - and Carnaby Street
 Stephen, Leslie - and the DNB
  - and Virginia Woolf
 Stephens, James - Irish Republican
 Stephenson, George
  - and Geordie
  - Newcastle-upon-Tyne
 Stephenson, Robert
  - Conwy
  - High Level Bridge
  - Royal Border Bridge
 Steptoe, Patrick - develops IVF
  - test-tube babies
 Steptoe and Son (TV)
 sterling (British currency)
 Sterne, Laurence
  - brief biography
  - characterises 'Dr Slop'
 sternpost rudder - introduction
 stethoscope - invented by Laënnec
 stethoscope - history
  - and measurement of blood pressure
  - as death detector
 Stettin, Peace of - in 1570
 Stevens, John F. - and the Panama Canal
 Stevens, Siaka - president of Sierra Leone
 Stevenson, Robert Louis
  - and leprosy
 Steventon - and Jane Austen
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