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 solicitor - in English law
 Solidaridad Catalana - in Catalonia
 solidus - and the shilling
 Sol Invictus - cult established by Aurelian
  - and Christmas
 Solomon, king of Israel
  - and Queen of Sheba
 Solomon, Simeon
 Solomon Islands - and tribal art
  - discovered in 1568
  - and Britain
 Solon - reformer in Athens
 solstice - passage graves, stone circles
 Soltaniyeh - dome of Mongol tomb
 Solti, Georg
 Solus Lodge - Turner in Twickenham
 Solway Moss - battle in 1542
 Soma - god of the Aryans
 Somaliland, republic of - from 1991
  - seeking international recognition
 Somalis - invade Ethiopia in 16th century
 Somerset, duke of - regent for Edward VI
 Somerset, James - freed in 1772
 Somerset, William - personal armour
 Somerset House (London)
 Somes, Michael
 Somme - battle in 1916
  - first use of tanks, in 1916
  - brief account of battles in 1916 & 1918
  - as a turning point in history
 Somnath - temple of Shiva
  - destroyed by Mahmud of Ghazni
 Somoza Debayle, Anastasio - in Nicaragua
 Somoza Debayle, Luis - in Nicaragua
 Somoza García, Anastasio - in Nicaragua
 sonata - origins
 Song dynasty
 Songhay, African kingdom - and Ibn Batuta
 Songhay people - and Gao
 Song of Solomon - in the Bible
 Songs of Innocence (Blake)
 Songs of Innocence and Experience (Blake)
 Sonnets - of Shakespeare
  - brief account
 Son of Heaven - the Chinese ruler
 Sons and Lovers (Lawrence)
 Sooty (glove puppet)
 Soozhou - in Song dynasty
 Soper, Donald
 Sophia - regent for Peter the Great
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