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 Six Acts - measures passed in 1819
 Six Articles - act of 1539
 six counties - of northern Ireland in 1607
  - from 1921
  - brief account
 Six Dynasties - in China
 sixes and sevens (the phrase)
 Six Nations - of the Iroquois League
 Six Nations tournament (rugby union)
 Sixtus III - and Santa Maria Maggiore
 Sixtus IV - and the Sistine chapel
  - and the Pazzi conspiracy
  - and the Spanish Inquisition
  - and Cesare Borgia
 Skagerrak - and the battle of Jutland
 Skanderbeg (George Kastrioti) - national hero of Albania
 Skåne - in Danish hands
  - ceded by Denmark to Sweden
 Skara Brae - neolithic village
  - brief account
 Skeaping, John - as potter
 Skegness - and Butlin's
 Skegness is so bracing
 Skellig Michael - beehive cells in Ireland
 skep - in beekeeping
 Skhul - and early modern man
 skinhead (the term)
 skittles - in ancient Egypt
 Skraelings - and Vinland
 Skye - and the Battle of the Braes
  - brief account of island
 Skye - terrier
 Skye Boat Song
 Slade, Felix
 slate - quarried in Wales
 slave - origin of word
 Slave Coast - or Portuguese Guinea
  - and the triangular trade
  - and Guinea-Bissau
 Slave dynasty - in Delhi
  - tour through time
  - in Sparta
  - and the Sahara trade routes
  - in South Africa
  - and Fanny Kemble
 slaves - numbers in Brazil
  - emancipated in Cuba during 1880s
  - emancipated in Brazil in 1888
 Slaves - by Michelangelo
 slave trade - Nubia and Egypt
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