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 safari parks (in Britain)
 Safavid dynasty - in Persia
 safety valve - invented by Papin
 al-Saffar - and Saffarid dynasty
 Saffarid dynasty - in Persia
 Safi al-Din - and the Safavid dynasty
 saga - origin of word
 Sagas - Icelandic literature
 Sagres - and Henry the Navigator
 Sagunto - and Hannibal
 Sahara - Africa's first settled community
  - turning into a desert
  - and gold
 Saharan Arab Republic - and the Polisario
  - and the OAU
 Saharawi nomads - in Western Sahara
 Sahul Shelf - land bridge to Australia
 Saibou, Ali - president of Niger
 Said - khedive of Egypt
 Sa'id bin Taimur - sultan of Oman
 Sa'id ibn Sultan - and Zanzibar
 Saif bin Sultan - imam of Oman
 Sailing and Fighting Instructions - in 1672
 Sainsbury's (supermarkets)
 Sainsbury Centre - Norwich
 Sainsbury Wing - National Gallery
  - and Dulwich Picture Gallery
 Saint, The (Simon Templar)
 St Albans - sacked by Boudicca
  - as Roman municipality
  - battle in 1455
  - brief account of town
 St Andrews - and John Knox
  - brief account of town
 St Asaph (cathedral town)
 St Bartholomew's Day - massacre in 1572
 St Bartholomew's Hospital - founded in London
 St Bartholomew's Hospital - in 16th century
 St Bartholomew the Great (church)
 St Benedict of Avis - order of knightood
 St Bride's (church)
 St Catherine's, Sinai - Orthodox monastery
  - and icons
 Sainte Chapelle - in Paris
  - and stained glass
 St Christopher's Hospice - established
 St Clair, Arthur - at the Maumee river
 St. Clair-sur-Epte - feudal grant to Normans
 St Clement Danes (church)
 St David's (cathedral town)
 St Denis - the abbey church
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