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 rococo - offshoot of baroque
  - brief account
 Rocroi - battle in 1643
  - and Gwen John
 Rodmell - Virginia Woolf
 Rodríguez, Andrés - in Paraguay
 Rodríguez, José - in Costa Rica
 Rodríguez, Miguel - in Costa Rica
 Rodriguez de Fonseca, Juan - and America
 Roe, Thomas - and Jahangir
 Roedean School
 Roehm, Ernst - and the SA
 Roemer, Ole
 Roentgen, Wilhelm Konrad - discovers X-rays
 Roger I - count of Sicily
 Roger II - and the Capella Palatina
 Roger de Coverley (country dance)
 Rogers, Claude - Euston Road School
 Rogers, Richard - Lloyd's building
 Roget's Thesaurus
 Roggeveen, Jacob - and Easter Island
 Rognvald - and Kirkwall
 Rojas Pinilla, Gustavo - Colombian dictator
 Rokeby Venus Velazquez
 Roland - in Chanson de Roland
  - as Orlando
 Rolin, Nicolas - and Jan van Eyck
 rolling mill - and Henry Cort
 Rollo the Ganger - and Normandy
 roly-poly pudding
 Roman army - fixed term of service
  - brief account
 Roman Catholic - and Greek Orthodox
 Roman Catholics (in Britain)
 Roman chronology - from founding of city
 Roman circus - and boxing
 Roman citizenship - granted to all
  - tour through time
 Roman law - Justinian's codification
 Roman republic - set up in 1798
 Roman roads
 Roman temples - ritual and sacrifice
 roman type face - in printing
 Roman villa - and manorial system
 Romance languages - division of Europe
  - boundary with Germanic languages
  - brief account
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