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 public baths - in Victorian towns
 public health - ideas in 18th century Britain
 public health policy - in 19th century
 Public Lending Right (in Britain)
 Public Record Office (London)
 public school (in Britain)
 Publick Occurrences - US newspaper
 publishing - in Rome
 Puck (the character)
 Pudding Lane - and the Great Fire
 puddling - and Henry Cort
 Puebla - battle in 1862
 Pueblo Indians - and the Spanish
 puerperal fever - in 19th century
  - and development of sulpha drugs
  - discovery of cause
 Puerto Rico - and Columbus
  - and Spain in the 19th century
  - revolt in 1868
  - ceded by Spain to the USA
 Puerto Suarez - and the Chaco War
 Puffing Billy (Hedley)
 Pugilistic Club - in 19th-century London
 Pugin, Augustus Charles - and Rowlandson
 Pugin, Augustus Welby
  - Birmingham
  - Houses of Parliament
 Pulcinella - in commedia dell'arte
 pulley - early uses
 pulse - importance in medicine
 Pump Room - Bath
  - Cheltenham
 punch (the drink)
 Punch (the magazine)
 Punch - and the commedia dell'arte
 Punch and Judy (in Britain)
 Punchao - Inca sun god
  - tour through time
 Punjab - settled by Aryans
 punk (in Britain)
 Punt - trading mission sent by Hatshepsut
 PUP (Party of Unity and Progress) - in Guinea
 Purcell, Henry - and Dido and Aeneas
  - brief biography
 Purchas's Pilgrimage - and Kubla Khan
 Pure Food and Drug Act - in 1906
 Pure Land Buddhism - or the cult of Amida
 purges - in Russia in 1934-8
 purging - as routine treatment in 18th century
 Puritans - in 16th-century England
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