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 lardy cake
 Lares - Roman household gods
 Largs - battle in 1263
 Largs (Strathclyde)
 Lark Ascending (Vaughan Williams)
 Larkin, Philip
 Larne - Unionist arms in 1914
 La Rochelle - siege of 1627-8
  - and Napoleon in 1815
  - exit harbour in World War II
 Lars Porsena of Clusium - Etruscan king
 Larwood, Harold
 La Salle, Robert de - French explorer
 La Scala - and Mozart
 Las Casas, Bartolomé de - and Indians
 Lascaux - cave paintings
  - discovery of the cave
 Lasdun, Denys - East Anglia university
  - National Theatre
 lasers - history
  - and surgery
  - and retinal detachment
  - and correction of sight defects
  - and cancer therapy
 Lass of Richmond Hill (song)
 Last Judgement - Romanesque sculpture
  - at Torcello
  - in the Sistine Chapel
 Last Post (bugle call)
 Last Supper - and Passover
  - Jesus and his disciples
  - by Leonardo da Vinci
 László V
  - death in 1457
 La Tène - and the Celts
  - and metalwork
 latent heat - and Joseph Black
 Lateran council - and the crossbow
 Lateran Palace - and Constantine
 Lateran synod - of 1059
 Latin - as lingua franca
  - tour through time
 Latin empire - in Constantinople
 Latin kingdom - of Jerusalem
  - tour through time
 Latins - difference from Italians
 latitude and longitude - and Hipparchus
 La Tour, Georges de
 Latter Day Saints - the Mormons
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