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 galleys - use at Lepanto in 1571
 Gallia Narbonensis - Roman province
 Gallia Transalpina - Roman province
 Gallicanism - and sanction of Bourges
 Gallic War - by Julius Caesar
 Gallienus - Roman emperor
  - toleration for Christians
 Gallipoli - falls to Ottoman Turks
 Gallipoli campaign, 1915
  - brief account
 Gallo, Robert - describes spread of HIV virus
 Galsworthy, John
 Galtieri, Leopoldo - ruler of Argentina
 Galton, Francis
  - fingerprints
  - and IQ tests
  - founds the eugenics movement
 Galton, Ray - Steptoe and Son
 Gama, Vasco da
 Gambetta, Léon - and siege of Paris
  - and Britain
 Gambia river - and Mungo Park
  - in Britain
 Gamlin, Brian - and darts
 gamma camera - history
  - and SPECT
 Gandhara - name for Kushan region
  - and Buddhist sculpture
 Gandhi, Mohandas (Mahatma) - in Natal
  - and satyagraha
 gangway (House of Commons)
 Gao - ancient kingdom in Africa
  - and Islam
  - and Ibn Batuta
 Gapon, Father - and Bloody Sunday
 García Moreno, Gabriel - in Ecuador
 Garda, Lake - and Mussolini in 1944-5
 garden city (in Britain)
 Garden of Earthly Delights - Bosch
 Garden of Eden - and the Fall
 Gargantua - by Rabelais
 Garibaldi, Giuseppe
 Garrick, David - and Heart of Oak
  - brief biography
  - in The Club
  - Villa and Temple at Hampton
  - and the Royal Humane Society
  - supports Lock Hospital for VD
 Garrick Club (London)
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