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 front bench (British parliament)
 Front de Libération Nationale - in Algeria
 Front Islamique du Salut - in Algeria
 frost fairs (on the Thames)
 Fructidor - coup d'état in year V
 FRUD - rebel group in Djibouti
 Frumentius, Saint - in Ethiopia
 Fry, C.B.
 Fry, Elizabeth
  - founds nursing order
 Fry, Roger
 Frye, Thomas - Bow porcelain
 Fry's chocolate - and Cadbury's
 Fuad I - king of Egypt
 Fuchs, Leonhard - and botany
 fudge - sweets in Britain
 fueros - and separatism in Spain
 Fugger dynasty
  - and Albert of Mainz
  - and the Baltic
 Fuggerei - in Augsburg
 Fugitive Slave Laws - 1793 and 1850
 Führer - Hitler's title
 Fuji, Mount - and Hokusai
 Fujimori, Alberto - president of Peru
 Fujiwara family - in Kyoto
 Fulani - tribe in Nigeria
 fulcrum - and Archimedes
 Fuller, Geoffrey - slipware
 fulling of cloth - mechanized
 Fulton, Sergeant - marksman
 Fulton, Missouri - iron curtain
 funerals - in the 18th century
  - in the 19th century
  - fear of pauper burial
 fur clothing - and the man in the ice
 Furry Dance - in Helston
 furs - from Siberia
 fur traders - in north America
 fusee - in clocks
 Fuseli, Henry
 Fust, Johann - and printing
 Fylingdales (North Yorkshire)
 Fyvie Castle
 gabar - Muslim name for Zoroastrians
  - French fort in 1843
  - as French colony
 Gabor, Denis
 Gabriel - appears to Muhammad
 gachupines - in Spanish America
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