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 Emancipation Act - of 1829 (Catholics)
  - brief account
  - and Robert Peel
  - of 1833 (slaves)
 emancipation of the serfs - in Russia
 Emancipation Proclamation - of 1863
 embalming - in ancient Egypt
 Embankment (London)
 Embla - in Norse mythology
 emblems in the British Isles
 embroidery - and Overlord
 Emden - German light cruiser
 Emergency Ward Ten (TV)
 Emerson, Ralph Waldo - and Lexington
 EMI (the company)
  - develops first brain scanner
 émigrés - in the French Revolution
 Émile - by Rousseau
 Eminent Victorians (Strachey)
 Emma (Austen)
 Emma of Normandy - and Ethelred
  - marries Canute
 Emmaus - and the resurrected Jesus
 Emmet, Robert - and uprising of 1803
 Empedocles - and the four elements
 Emperor Fountain (Chatsworth)
 Empire Day - Commonwealth Day
 Empire Loyalists
 Empire Pool (Wembley)
 Empire Windrush - in 1948
 empiricism (as British tradition)
 Empty Quarter - of Arabia
 Ems telegram - and Franco-Prussian war
 emu - unique to Australia
 En Avant - steamboat on the Congo
 encaustic - in Roman painting
 enclosure - of common land in Britain
 encomiendas - in Spanish America
 Encounter (magazine)
 Encyclopaedia Britannica - first edition
  - brief account
 Encylop&eeacute;die - and Diderot
 Endara, Guillermo - president of Panama
 Endeavour - and Captain Cook
 endemic diseases - in Ancient Greece
 'end of the beginning' (Churchill)
 endoscopes - history
  - and fibreoptic technology
 endoscopy - and keyhole surgery
  - and lasers
  - and video cameras
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