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 eisteddfod - in Welsh tradition
  - brief account
 Ekaterinburg - murder of the imperial family
 Ekkehart and Uta - in Naumberg cathedral
 Elan Valley
 Elba - given to Napoleon
 El Cid
 El Dia - founded in 1886
 El Dorado - and Raleigh
 Eleanor crosses
 Eleanor of Aquitaine - and the troubadours
  - and Henry II
  - brief biography
 Eleanor of Castile - and Edward I
  - and Rockingham Castle
 Eleanor of Provence - and Henry III
 Eleazar ben Jair - at Masada
 Election, The - by Hogarth
 Electoral Reform Society
 electors - of the Holy Roman Emperor
 Electra - tragedy by Euripides
 electricity - observed by the Greeks
  - origin of name
 electricity (in Britain)
 electrocardiograph (ECG) - history
  - ambulatory monitoring
 electroencephalograph (EEG) - history
  - and epilepsy
  - and brain death
 electromagnetic induction - and Faraday
 electron microscope - history
  - discovery of the electron
  - viruses seen for first time
 'Elementary, my dear Watson'
 elements - their formation
  - in Greek science
  - and Robert Boyle
 Elements - the geometrical books of Euclid
 Elephant (nickname) - and George I
 Elephanta - and rock-cut architecture
 Elephant and Castle
 elephants - domesticated
  - and Alexander the Great
  - gift of 500 to Seleucus
  - in army of Pyrrhus
  - crossing Alps with Hannibal
 eleven-plus - and grammar schools
 ELF - or Eritrean Liberation Movement
 Elgar, Edward
  - and the CBSO
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