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 dominion status - origin in 1867
  - brief account
 dominoes - origins in China
  - in Europe
 Domitia - wife of the emperor Domitian
 Domitian - Roman emperor
 Domrémy - and Joan of Arc
  - and the Renaissance
 Donation of Constantine - and the papacy
 Donation of Pepin - to the papacy
 Donations of Alexandria - in 34 BC
 donátorios - in Brazil
 Donatus - would-be bishop of Carthage
 Don Carlos - by Schiller
  - St Leger
 Dondi, Giovanni de' - and his clock
 Don Giovanni - by Mozart
 Dongola - Nubian kingdom
 Dong with a Luminous Nose
 Doni, Angelo - and Michelangelo
 Dönitz, Karl - in command of navy in 1943
 Don Juan
 donkey - domestication
 Donne, John
  - brief biography
 Donoghue, Steve
 Do not go gentle into that good night
 donor - in art
  - in Renaissance painting
 Don Pacifico incident - in 1847
 Don Quixote - by Cervantes
 Dorchester - as capital of British tribal ruler
  - brief history of town
  - Thomas Hardy
 Dorchester Heights - in 1776
 Dorchester Hotel (London)
 Dorian Greeks - and the Mycenaeans
 Dorians - and Sparta
 Doric order - in architecture
 Dorothy, St - in miracle play
 dos Santos, José - president of Angola
 Dost Mohammed - amir of Afghanistan
 Dou, Gerrit - and the Dutch interior
 Douai - the English college
  - and Downside
 double-acting engine - and James Watt
 double-decker (bus)
 double-entry bookkeeping - in 14th-century
 Double Gloucester (cheese)
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