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 devolution - within the United Kingdom
 Devolution, War of - in 1667-8
 devolution in Britain
 Devonian period - identified and named
 Devonshire Hunting Tapestries
 devotio moderna - and Erasmus
 devshirme - tribute of Christian children
 De vulgaria eloquentia - by Dante
 Dewar, Donald - and Scottish parliament
 Dewar, James
 De Wint, Peter - and watercolour
  - brief biography
  - and Lincoln
 Dhlakama, Afonso - leader of Renamo
 Dialogue on the world systems - by Galileo
 Diamond, Hugh Welch - photographs the insane
 Diamond Jubilee - of Queen Victoria
 diamond necklace - scandal at Versailles
 diamonds - discovered at Kimberley in 1871
  - in the economy of Belgian Congo
 Diamond Sculls - at Henley
 Diamond Sutra - earliest printed book
 Diana - temple at Ephesus
 Diary of a Country Parson (Woodforde)
 Diary of a Nobody (Grossmith)
 Dias, Bartolomeu - Cape of Good Hope
 Diaspora - from the 6th century BC
  - the first community in Babylon
  - and the synagogue
  - first use of the term in Alexandria
 Díaz, Porfirio
 dice - in use by 2000 BC
 Dick, Reid - and Lady Godiva
 Dick Barton
 Dickens, Charles
  - and Richmond upon Thames
 dictator - in Roman republic
 Dictatorship of the Proletariat - in Marxism
 dictionary - earliest known
 Dictionary - by Samuel Johnson
  - brief biography
 Diderot, Denis - and the Encyclopédie
 didgeridoo - Australian musical instrument
 Dido - founder of Carthage
 Dido and Aeneas - opera by Purcell
  - brief account
 Diego, Juan - and the Virgin of Guadalupe
 Diégo-Suarez - taken by French in 1883
 diet - council of German empire
  - of Hanseatic towns
 diethylstilboestrol (DES) - causes vaginal cancer
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