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 copyright - and Hogarth
 copyright in Britain
 copyright libraries
 coracle (portable boat)
 Coral Island
 Coram, Captain - by Hogarth
 cor anglais
 Corante, or, Newes from Italy - in 1621
 Corbillon Cup - table tennis
 Corcyra - and Corinth in 433 BC
 Corday, Charlotte - assassinates Marat
 Cordeliers - club in the French Revolution
 cordite - and James Dewar
 Córdoba - and Umayyad dynasty
  - captured by Castile in 1236
 Córdoba, Mexico - treaty of 1821
 cordon sanitaire - against disease
 Corelli, Arcangelo
 co-respondents (shoes)
 Corfe Castle, Dorset
 Corfu - and Corinth in 433 BC
  - and Venice after the 4th crusade
  - and Venice from 1401
  - retained by Venice
  - returned to Greece in 1864
 Corinium - Roman Cirencester
 Corinium Museum (Cirencester)
 Corinth - in First Peloponnesian War
  - and Corcyra in 433 BC
  - destroyed by Rome
 Corinth, League of - in 377 BC
 Corinthian order - in architecture
 Coriolanus - by Shakespeare
  - brief account
 Cork - and the Vikings
  - burnt by British auxiliaries in 1920
 Cormack, Allan M - builds prototype CT scanner
 corn - transplanted from America
 Corn Laws - till 1846
  - brief account
 Cornaro chapel - by Bernini
 corned beef
 Corneille, Pierre
  - and Giacomo Torelli
 Cornish - and the Bretons
 Cornish beam engine
 Cornish inscriptions - on slipware
 Cornish pasty
 Cornwall - visited by Pytheas
  - tin for Carthage
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